Dance Troupes

There are five different dance troupes that provide training, rehearsal, and performance opportunities for dancers of various levels of experience and skill. Each troupe is led by a group of talented, dedicated directors and choreographers. They perform at various venues and events throughout each season. The individual teams provide a unique environment for personal and artistic growth as well as a distinct outlet for community outreach and enrichment. Each location supports from one to five troupes.

Culture Shock

Our professional-level troupes provide dancers with rigorous training, paid performance opportunities, and the chance to dance in numerous high-profile events. Many of Culture Shock’s dancers and alumni grace the screen and other stages with their awe-inspiring talent and vision. The tremendous respect this troupe has earned in the arts community nationwide is kept alive by the hard work and dedication of every Culture Shock dancer past and present.

Future Shock

Our apprentice companies provide those ages 17 and under with substantial experience studying and performing urban dance forms. Our Culture Shock troupe members often mentor these dancers. The family environment fosters teamwork, respect, and positive self-expression. Future Shock dancers are required to maintain satisfactory grade-point averages and participate regularly in local community events. Their performances often draw large, diverse audiences and are applauded for their high level of technical and artistic excellence.

Mighty Shock

A training troupe for dancers ages 13 years and under, Mighty Shock builds a solid hip-hop dance foundation. Troupe members learn challenging routines and grow as individuals working toward a common goal of performing great routines at various community events and showcases. The teamwork and confidence that are displayed by these young dancers inspire youth and adults alike.

Mini Shock

Mini Shock dancers show that you are never to young to be innovative and learn to work hard. These troupes are a fun way for children 7 years and under to grow through hip-hop dance and be exposed to the core values of the hip-hop community, including self-worth and respect for others.


Afta Shock

Afta Shock demonstrates that we never cease to be creative, work hard, and inspire others with the values of hip-hop culture. Composed of dancers ages 25 and older, Afta Shock debunks the idea that hip-hop is just a young person’s game. The Oakland and San Diego teams greatly strengthen the hip-hop community by providing a platform for many dancers, of varying ages and dance experiences, to join together and spread the love they have for this art form. Afta Shock’s style is high-energy, old-school hip-hop, combining dance elements of where hip-hop started to where and what it is today.